Monkey Sleeping Bags and the rest.

I was so excited last week as my felt order arrived. 1 metre of white, blue and red – once cut into 10″x10″ squares they will act as the base of my busy book pages.

Darling Son 2 (DS2) took one look at it and promptly announced that “monkey” – his life long pal – was in need of a sleeping bag. Now at this point, rising panic aside, it could have been worse – patch work quilt or similar. You get my drift. I hasten to add once DS2 had chosen the colour felt for the sleeping bag and the fabric to embellish it. DS1 piped up and insisted he have one too. Going to be a looonnnnggg night.

Over the next two and a half hours I managed to cobble together the required felt sleeping bags and sneak them into their rooms for when they woke up – yes I know. I’m a big softie but they were really touched to wake up to their new toys.

Anyway this was the end result:


Not bad for a complete novice. Although not a busy book page it could serve as inspiration for one or an easy little learner project for a novice like me as I learnt a lot. And needless to say they improved with each one I did.

A couple of days later their lovely cousin (LC1) came for a play date and took one look at it and wanted one for “Dolly”. Needless to say, embolden by the first two I got a bit more creative with this one! Adding ribbon and BUTTONS!!! I know – get me. Buttons!


I really took my time and added some elements that could definitely be used in a busy book page design.


The cute little buttons (shankbacks) which can move up and down the ribbon – great for dexterity.

Needless to say the next one will be even more jazzy. But it was a great project to do in a couple of hours, practice some skills and bring a smile to the kids faces!


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