You are never too young to get into sewing ….

So today here in the UK we have had yet more rain. Its been a case of trying to find activities for the little ones indoors (they are 5 & 3).

We’ve made forts/dens, did a bit of art plus we had some family over for lunch (great distraction). But just before tea I was messing around with my sewing box – trying to organise – when I heard the words “can I do some sewing mummy?” From DS2 (3 years). I was so excited I nearly knocked him over in my scramble to get out the toddler sewing kit I bought eons ago in preparation for this moment! ( although no longer sold there are others in their range : http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/hobbycraft-felt-monkey-sewing-kit/565154-1004 )


DS1 took to it sew well. He really enjoyed it. Such a great skill and also so touching for him to be interested in something I’m doing.


Needless to say his new dinosaur is inseparable from him. So if you have toddlers and are wandering around Hobbycraft or similar and see one of these little kits – get one! It’s soooo nice to have your kids interested in what you enjoy plus what a skill to have!



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