Busy / Quiet Book

A camping we will go!

I have finally finished my camping page for DD1’s quiet book. I chickened out of the zip and used a ‘lift flap’ arrangement for the tent after several seriously awful attempts at adding a zip. (Memo to self learn how to add a zip with out destroying metres of fabric!)

I used the various pins on my Pinterest board as a starting point but settled on a really cool design which can be found at Scott Family Blog Quiet Book Page as the basis of my page. Needless to say hers is a lot more jazzy and of course has a zipped tent which ideally I would have loved to add.

Using this as a basis I then added and left bits out as I felt fit.

All my quiet books are constructed using as 10 x 10 inch square of felt and then I add my pieces and embellishments to it.

First thing I did was cut out the sky and grass and stuck them to my base using craft glue.


I then proceeded to cut out all the necessary elements for my camping page.


This page has proved a real hit.


DD1 particularly enjoys lifting the flap as we shout BOO! Luckily she may be a bit young for zips! Maybe next time! 😃


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