Family Life

What the Easter break taught me …..

In the UK the kids have been back to school for just over a week and I only finally feel like I’m getting back on track. It was only for two weeks but as we did a stay-cation (in other words stayed home) there was a lot of planned activities, play dates and trips to the park. Plus of course the obligatory Easter egg hunt!


What it did teach me is that my oldest ( 5 and 4) missed the variety and structure of the school day once the novelty of being at home wore off. I’m quite organised and structured by nature but with six weeks of summer holidays on the horizon I’m going to start planning now and getting organised!

I have been doing a lot of research online and looking around pinterest, and I think I need to really plan the six weeks and have a bag of activities up my sleeve to add a bit of interest to the days. I am loving the idea of busy bags and quiet time activities and boxes. I am constantly amazed by the plethora of free printables available to download and use.

I did warn you! It may have started with a busy book but I think I’m about to embark on another dimension – busy bags and at home activities for toddlers! Who knew I’d have yet another topic to feed my Pinterest addiction so soon!


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