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The making of a busy folder

As I said in my previous post once I started making my daughters busy book my boys started asking where’s theirs? If I’m being honest I had had no intention of making them one as I didn’t think they would like it or be interested in it at all. How wrong I was!

The motivation behind it was our family road trip to France. With a due date in mind I began planning and making about two months prior to the trip. Not because it’s a huge job just I am juggling a lot of things at the moment!

Where to start

I began collecting my ideas and thoughts from Pinterest. Like all things there are some awesome ideas.

1. Create Binder – make fabric Cover

I found an amazing tutorial on YouTube from Watermelon Wishes which in six minutes flat can show you how to make a fabric cover for your binder (I used a standard A4 Ringbinder I picked up at Sainsburys (For the non-UK amongst us – Harris Teeter or Walmart equivalent) I was amazed that (although it didn’t take me six minutes like the videošŸ˜‰) it was very simple and straight forward to do.

Prior to getting cracking I had asked the boys which were their favourite fabrics out of my stash so as to be able to personalise them somewhat.

Busy Folders for Toddlers and Older children

2. Creating the inserts

Essentially the folder is split into several section via standard plastic A4 File dividers. In front of the first divider is Helix Ring Bound pencil pouch which I filled with a variety of stickers as my kids love them. There is a total of four plastic dividers.

The first one had plain and coloured drawing paper. Always a big hit for the doodle-bug lurking in most 4 & 5 year olds!

The second one had a selection of downloaded printables and activity sheets that ranged from mazes, word puzzles to writing practice. My 5 year old really enjoys this section – the younger one not so much! The links to the printables I used are all available on my Pinterest site – the ones I used were all free.

The third section was my favourite and I think the boys too. Felt! Yes you may have noticed I’m slightly obsessed. I made them three activities.

A cookie page

Cupcake pages

A Tanagram puzzle page.


You can read more about these felt pages on my upcoming post.

The final section had two A4 buttoned folders. One holding 10 oversized pipe cleaners – to make something or mess around with. The second folder held a dinosaur laminated playset and met from Lindy J Designs which I purchased from Etsy as I will use it again no doubt for other projects. I have purchased several of her pdf packs and always been very happy with them. They are extremely simple and easy to follow.

The final thing to mention us given the way the fabric cover is constructed you are able to put a book or too in them – so they also had a Lego Blank Exercise Book to do as they pleased with.

Now the million dollar question – did they use them???? Yes! Thank goodness!!! They were used at several points along the road trip and each day of the holiday. Normally when the kids were craving a bit of quite time they retreated to thier folders much to my delight!




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