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Craft-block 101

So I’ve neglected my blog – big time. To be fair it was never meant to be more than a bit of fun for my family and friends who know I’ve become a bit obsessed with my sewing machine and all that is the quiet book. It has been a while since I made a page as life has got very busy and other things have taken priority.

So over the last couple of weeks I went a tad overboard. 4 pages!! One already made but two from scratch and then sewn together!

The first page is a peek-a-boo page – where my DD1 can lift the soft felt flap to reveal an animal button – a bee, fish, frog, or sheep.

As it is a relatively simple page I tried to use quite colourful backing fabric and used ribbon to embellish the tops of the flaps.
The second of my pages was my variation on the apple tree/picking themed page. Instead of sticking to apples I also did flowers birds and bugs.

I intend to add to the collection of things to attach to the tree as time goes on hence the little pouch under the felt grass.

All in all I’m quite pleased how this turned out.

The next page was a bit more machine work. The first page was a tea set page with table teapot and cup. Again due to the addition of the fabric pouch hi intend to add to the collection (more cups and possibly cakes!!) as time progresses (and allows!)


The final page is a simple fabric pouch which will eventually have a softie or fabric doll of some description in it.


Despite temporarily falling off the crafting wagon it’s safe to say we are back on track!
Hope you are enjoying your summer! 😃


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