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Disney Brave’s Busy Book Page with Merida

I have  finally completed my Disney Brave Quiet Book page. This one has taken me an age, mainly due to the bear and Merida.

Disney’s Brave is a firm favourite in our house as the boys find it a good mixture of adventure and giggles.

The background for my pages was 12.5X12.5 cotton in a nice forest green. The theme for my page was in the woods.

Disney Brave Busy / Quiet Book page

On the right hand side of the page I placed my version of a tree using a really great textured brown fabric.

Disney Brave Busy / Quiet Book page

In the centre I placed a boulder which was backed with tartan fabric (in keeping with the movies location and to add a bit of colour!)

I decided on only two additional pieces – Merida and one of the Bears. I used a brilliant pdf pattern I found on Etsy At the lovely BornToBeFelt  as I really wanted the finger puppet to look good and I think she does!

Disney Brave Merida using BornToBeFelt’s pdf pattern available on easy

The bear was my own creation and I have a template I will add once I work out how to do it!

Disney Brave – Bear Hand sewn from felt

So there you have it my Disney Brave page!

To access the BornToBeFelt. CLICK HERE.


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