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Life Cycle of a Butterfly Busy Book Page 

So when you say “Kindergarten Readiness” do you immediately think – lifecycle of a butterfly?!?! Possibly not. But if you think about it, understanding or having the opportunity to understand how we grow and evolve and change with age is quite an important skill for a pre-schooler. 

I wanted to show in one page the evolution from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly. 

My page is 9X9 and a cute floral fabric I had in my stash. To be fair, you could use anything. 

It was really important to put all four stages on one page. 

Under the leaves, I have hidden some eggs! (Embroidery thread and three tight French knots) I think they look ok! If you are not sure how to do a French knot – go on YouTube there are hundreds of videos showing you how to do it. 

Using heat’n’bond I attached my caterpillar and to be extra sure she was attached I hand sewed the edge. I then made my butterfly out of two colourful pieces of felt which can sit inside the chrysalis.  

Thanks for reading! 😃


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