Getting inspired for your next busy book project.

One thing I have found is the internet is NOT short on providing inspiration. There are a lot of blogs, posts, pages, forms of social media which showcase a plethora of ideas, pages and entire books to inspire even a complete novice like me. I hope to share some of my biggest finds here.

For me the biggest source of inspiration has been PINTEREST. For those of you familiar with the medium you also know it is totally addictive. Once you find something you love there is no stopping you. The trick is to convert the pins into actually making something! LOL!

I have collected and gathered a fairly large collection of ideas, examples and inspiration on my pinterest site. Startedwithabusybook.

There are lots of really great blogs out there but here are some of my favourites:

The Quiet Book Blog – a fabulous collection of templates and busy/quiet books to get you started or keep you going.

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows – another blog which features some great ideas and templates for busy books.

Imagine our Life – this site is really beautiful. All the designs are her own and the templates are readily available as are the instructions on what to do and when. I have attempted to create several of these templates and they have always worked out really well.

Make a quiet book blog has great step by step instructions and templates for getting you started.

Not doubt I have missed something or somewhere – drop me a line and I’ll add it on.


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